A little about me...

About Lyndsey Cackette BSc (Hons) MCSP SRP

Chartred Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist

Lyndsey is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist with experiance of working in sport and with the public, in both the UK and New Zealand.

Lyndsey graduated from Robert Goron University in Aberdeen and also works for the National Health Service which involves working with a variety of athletes and non-athletes. She shares the Back2Fitness philosophy that it is vital to find out what is important to every patient and work towards their own specific goals, and believes this allows for the best outcomes and so that every treatment is specially tailored to every person.

Lyndsey has previously worked in New Zealand  in a private Physiotherapy clinic, encountering a wide variety of clients, most of whom had sporting injuries or were looking to return to their sport therefore she understands the difficulties and frustrations of injury. Her time in New Zealand has given her a unique experience of working closely with Physiotherapists who have trained in a variety of countries.

Lyndset is also a massage therapist  and has enjoyed working at a number of sporting events providing post-race massage for athletes as well as those competing at national squad level

Lyndsey has always competed in sport herself. She has played mostly team sports, with hockey as her main sport until recently, she has taken up road cycling and mountain biking. This has allowed Lyndsey to have a great understanding of the different challenges facing athletes returning to both individual and team sports and how these can differ.

Outside work Lyndsey also enjoys exploring the outdoors by going camping and walking around Scotland.

As part of the Back2Fitness team, Lyndsey is focussed on providing the best research based treatments for each individual client and sharesthe Back2Fitnes Philosophy of providing the best treatments to all.